Picking a New Doctor
Can Be Tough

We have some answers that might help.


Great question! No, you do not. In NY state, physical therapists have what is called Direct Access. That allows us to see you without a referral from your doctor.

Yes and no. All of our therapists are board certified orthopaedic clinical specialists which means we specialize in ALL areas.

Pricing & Insurance

We are out of network with all insurance providers which means you get better service for a similar, if not the same, price as many in-network insurance plans. There are no hidden fees or costs and we want to make sure you have all the necessary information before making an appointment. Just click schedule directly and follow the instructions.

Yes, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. This does not apply to same day appointments.


Every appointment is one on one with a therapist, for 1 hour.

We ask that you wear clothing that can allow easy access to whatever body part or area you are coming in for.
(example: leggings, although fabulous, are usually very restrictive and don’t allow much access so you’re better off with shorts)

Because muscles and joints tend to work best once they are warmed up a bit with physical activity, you can probably expect to build up a light sweat.

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