Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Personalized In-Office Physical Therapy

Our core philosophy, encapsulated by the motto “ONE PATIENT, ONE THERAPIST, ONE HOUR,”, is more than just a slogan; it’s a commitment to personalized care and a testament to our dedication towards each individual’s health and recovery journey. In today’s fast-paced healthcare system, the importance of personalized care cannot be overstated.  

We ensure that every patient is given undivided attention

This one-on-one approach not only facilitates a deeper understanding of the patient’s unique condition but also allows the therapist to tailor treatment plans precisely, addressing specific needs and goals. Unlike some clinics where therapists might juggle multiple patients simultaneously, our model guarantees that during your appointment, your needs are the therapist’s sole focus.

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F Squared amazing therapists, whose expertise is a highlight mentioned frequently in our excellent Google reviews, are not only skilled in various therapeutic techniques but are also deeply committed to their patients’ wellbeing. They are continually updating their skills and knowledge, staying abreast of the latest developments in physical therapy. This commitment to professional growth means that patients benefit from the most current and effective treatment methods.

Michael Shusman
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If you’re looking for amazing physical therapists, F Squared is THE ONLY place to go. The 1-1 individualized attention and spectacular space are amazing. After a major spinal surgery, I was doubtful that I’d recover and be able to move the way I do now. Thanks to the amazing attention and care from Monique at F squared, I am back to playing tennis, biking, hiking, and squatting…all things I thought I’d never do again. Make F squared (and Monique) your first stop for any physical therapy needs. I can’t say enough about the amazing personalized care and attention Monique and the team provide. Unlike other physical therapy chains, F squared is unique in providing individualized and custom designed care for each patient in a caring warm and welcoming environment. Top rate, first class care!
John Michael DiResta
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After trying three other physical therapist with absolutely no success, working with Monique at f squared has been an incredible help to my overall well-being. This office is well run, efficient, friendly, comfortable, and entirely professional. I genuinely look forward to physical therapy. How many people can say that? And unlike so many other physical therapists I’ve seen, F squared works to help me not have to constantly be in physical therapy. Their goal is always to get me to be able to take care of myself without sessions, unlike other offices that wanted me in physical therapy indefinitely. Cannot recommend them enough!
Debra Sherman
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Paul and F Squared PT are the best and I have been to a number of PT’s. Paul is a true profession who is caring, a good listener, and will treat you as a partner when addressing your challenges. With his help I can confidently say I am stronger than ever . It’s not just about rehab exercises with Paul. It’s about getting and staying in the best health possible.The studio is beautiful and welcoming too.
Gina Harman
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The studio is a wonderful space where people working on difficult physical issues always seem to be smiling! Likely to do with the wonderful staff. I've worked with Monique to resolve a long lingering problem. I am stronger, pain free (90% of the time,) and ready to resume an active life knowing where the boundaries are. Each session is a chance to learn something, laugh, and getter better. What more could one ask for?
Chris Panaro
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When I fractured my foot back in March, the doctors told me to cancel my trip to Sicily for Memorial Day weekend. I then met John Wilbert in April, and he personally crafted a 2-month plan to have me off crutches and walking again. When Memorial Day weekend came, I was successfully climbing a volcano in Sicily. For any injury, please consult John Wilbert and discover how fast you can heal.
Katharine Lynn
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I had a great experience working with Paul and the F Squared team! I had pain in my foot caused by overuse from running, and noticed a big difference after just a few sessions with Paul. I also really appreciated the guidance on an at-home exercise program that helped me ramp back up my running without re-injuring my foot. I highly recommend F Squared and will definitely return for any future PT-needs!
Nancy Maria
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Strongly recommend! I had the privilege of working with Monique, and it was life-changing. She takes an empowerment-based approach and I benefitted a ton from it. I gained the tools and knowledge to address my concerns, and make better choices for my health and wellness. It's the best physical therapy practice I've been to.
Leslie Barrett
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Paul Ochoa and the whole team at F Squared are hands down the best physical therapy group in NYC. I started seeing Paul when my knee started acting up. I couldn't run more than a few miles without deep pain. Within a few months, Paul had me pounding out 6+ miles w/out issue. Paul is deeply knowledgeable, genuinely caring, and beautifully attentive. When you're in the expert and capable hands of F Squared, you feel respected, taken care of and celebrated.
Emma Kaye
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Keeping it in the family, Monique came highly recommended to me by my sister who has long been smitten with her extraordinary services. Monique instantly puts you at ease and takes a wholistic approach in treating not just the physical problem, but also attending to whatever personal and emotional barriers may be standing between you and healing. I couldn't be happier with the progress I'm making and feel confident that I'm on the road to recovery with thanks to Monique's continued support and unparalleled expertise! I can't recommend her highly enough!

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