Our Studio

Our mission is to make you feel right at home

Unlike larger clinics, our staff, billing team, and therapists all become an integral part of your recovery, ensuring smooth scheduling, treatment, and billing.

Our facility boasts spacious, private rooms that provide a comfortable and confidential environment for treatment. This privacy is essential not just for comfort, but also for fostering a sense of security and trust between the patient and therapist. It ensures that conversations, assessments, and treatments are conducted without distractions or interruptions, leading to more effective therapy sessions.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art, fully equipped gym is a cornerstone of our physical therapy services. Physical therapy often involves a variety of exercises and treatments, and having access to a wide range of equipment means that therapy can be more diverse, dynamic, and responsive to a patient’s progress and needs. From resistance machines and free weights to specialized equipment for cardio, balance, and flexibility training, our gym is designed to cater to all aspects of physical rehabilitation.

Ready for your visit?

We are centrally located in the beautiful Flatiron district, 2 blocks from the F,M and N,Q,R,W 23rd street stations.

Our office is housed in the landmark Spero building and is accessible to persons with disabilities.

Early for your appointment and want to grab coffee? We have office brewed drip and lattes for your convenience.

Need to hydrate? We have a filtered water bottle filler on-site you can use as well (we might even give you a free water bottle!).

We look forward to seeing you!