Virtual Physical Therapy

Virtual PT

Physical Therapy at Your Fingertips

Virtual physical therapy merges medicine with technology, and we’re excited to offer this innovative service at your convenience. Our streamlined Tele-Therapy is user-friendly, with our team ensuring an easy setup for your virtual care transition.

Starting is as easy as using a smartphone or computer. Access expert physical therapy from home, office, or any location, saving time and maintaining uninterrupted care.

Our Virtual physical therapy sessions, complementing in-person care, and focus on personalized exercises, real-time feedback, and interactive consultations. We uphold the highest standards, tailoring each session to your unique rehab and wellness goals.

Prepare for Your Tele-Therapy Session

Charged Phone & Ear Buds

Most tele-therapy sessions will last 45-60 minutes. Make sure you have a fully charged phone and ear buds or headphones for better sound quality.

Clear Your Space & Time

Make sure you have sufficient floor space and a block of uninterrupted time for your session. That means no pets, kids, or other distractions.

Equipment is Key

Have any exercise equipment you typically use in your program on hand. This will allow for smooth transitions from one exercise to the next.

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