Ground reaction force does not always equal tibial bone stress

Writen by Dr. Paul Ochoa


GRF ❌ tibia bone stress!⠀

I’ve heard this discussed on the runners zone podcast and on Bryan Heiderscheit’s running medicine podcast. How does this impact loading after a bone stress injury in our runners??⠀

Here are some key take aways from the article:⠀

Problems with monitoring GRF to understand tibial bone stress in athletes-⠀

1. Stress on bone is due more to muscle contraction than from the GRF⠀

2. Peaks in GRF can come earlier or later (depending on the sport) as compared to peaks in tibial stress⠀

3. GRF forces may be stable while tibial stress peaks can change. The example given but the authors was a comparison of a flat foot and a heel raises. The GRF would be the same in both but the heel raise would produce a higher tibial stress⠀

Definitely take a look at this article by Matijevich et al. ⠀

If you’d like a copy of the article feel free to ask on comments or DM. Hope you enjoy the read!⠀