Men's Journal

Healthy Bones = Healthy Joints

Writen by Dr. Paul Ochoa


To laymen (and unfortunately many uninformed medical practitioners), exercises involving jumping or running may still be seen as dangerous or even outright unhealthy for your joints! Fortunately, this is totally and completely UNTRUE.
For many years now, there has been more and more research done on osteoarthritis/osteoporosis and exercise that show how the human body reacts to higher level impact activities (running, jumping, etc).  We’ve known for some time that our bones react to stress by becoming stronger.  But for some reason, mainstream medicine and fitness wants you to think that the stress of jumping or running is only good up to a certain age…
We are humans from the day we are born to the day we die and the rules apply from start to finish. Jumping and running have been shown to:
  • Be the best way to improve bone strength in the bones of the leg
  • Decrease risk of falling
  • Improve your range of motion
Jumping can be for everyone!  Lets not let outdated medical myths stop us from moving our bodies.
Thank you Majorie Korn and Men’s Journal for helping to spread the word.