How to structure your Tele-Therapy session (for practitioners)

Writen by Dr. Paul Ochoa


For many private practice owners, telehealth is a new way to treat patients. It can be intimidating to jump in so here are 5 steps to structure your telehealth session, for physical therapists:⠀

????Creating a private, clutter free area is key. I recommend a 7’x7’ area so you can move around freely without having to stop the session to move a piece of furniture. Make sure that you have a fully charged phone (I recommend using a phone vs a laptop), a good internet connection, and a tripod. You can always switch to hand held if needed. ⠀

????Start your session with a review much like you would in the clinic. Ask about their activities and HEP compliance since their last session with you. If you haven’t established an RPE scale with your patient, now is the time. This will help improve the communication of how difficult or easy the activities feel for them. Adjust accordingly. Finally, have them get up and do at least one set of each exercise with the equipment they typically use, to observe technique. Give them feedback and make any modifications necessary. ⠀

????At this point, address any new issues they may need to talk about and get a thorough history. You can easily observe AROM at different angles and, if you’re comfortable with it, choose one or two test/re-test positions or movements to use throughout the session to gauge improvement.⠀

????Teaching your patients self mobilization techniques, new exercises and reviewing their overall progress is a great way to begin closing the session. Finish off with discussing what else they are doing as supplemental exercise or workouts. ⠀

????When the telehealth session is over, its always nice to send them a copy of the recorded session (most telehealth platforms have the ability to record sessions) and recap any standout points during the session in a follow up email.⠀

➡️ If you’re interested in a tele-therapy session or if you’re a physical therapist looking to get into telehealth, let us know. We offer both treatment and mentorship opportunities!