Telehealth System: a Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Impact of an Internet-Based Exercise Intervention on Quality of Life, Pain, Muscle Strength and Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors

Writen by Dr. Paul Ochoa


Telehealth can improve quality of life based on physical functioning. The objective of this study was to identify the effectiveness of telehealth for improving adverse events (hospitalization, further illness, etc) after 8wks intervention and at 6mo maintenance follow up for individuals with breast cancer.

Patients were divided into a test group and a control. The controls were given written instructions. The test group participated in telehealth (3x/wk x90min) and were sent reminders to complete exercises and to document activity levels.

Results. The telehealth system improved quality of life, pain, muscle strength, and fatigue significantly than usual care. These findings were maintained at 6mo follow up