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Writen by Dr. Paul Ochoa


What was the last article you read?

What are your favorite peer reviewed journals?

What’s your thought on current literature around tendinopathy?

As curious as Physical Therapists are, we sometimes lose sight that current research is what drives our field forward. It is what tells us where the pendulum is swinging and how far it has gone in any one direction.

Admittedly, I need a structure for learning something new. I’m not the best at self motivating or maintaining a strict practice of research review. When it comes down to it, it’s really creating a habit…like we tell our patients.

So for the month of November, I invite you, and invite you to invite others to the #journal30club.

What is the #journal30club?

It is a non-competitive, community motivated, daily practice of reading and sharing (if you have time) 1 article per day for 30 days. Your individual goal is to put a spark in the relationship between you and research, to test your beliefs and opinions on common topics in PT, and of course to share the gems that you’ve found in your readings with fellow therapists.

As a community, our goal should always be to share what we know and, as Ann Porter Hoke said, “To share what we do not know.”

#journal30club Guidelines

  1. Choose 1 article to ready DAILY. The goal is to create a practice and habit, so reading 5 articles in 1 day is not helpful.
  2. Share an article or 2 a week on Instagram and use the hashtag #journal30club. F Squared will monitor this hashtag and repost what you share in our story so we all have several ways of seeing what we’re all up to.
  3. Finding an article a day can be tough at times, so feel free to either pick 1 topic a week you would like to find articles on, or read one someone else posted.


Remember, this is NOT a competition, it is a collective effort to raise our standards in the field.

Let’s get back to learning.

Let’s get back to teaching.

Let’s get back to community.