Pauls Shoulder Injury Part 2

Writen by Dr. Paul Ochoa


Paralabral cyst update!!

Pic 1: had a little fluid taken out and was able to see a significant reduction in size of the cyst, on ultrasound. Thanks again to Dr. Kingsbury at @nyulangone .

Pic 2: now comes the fun part! With my weak and quickly fatiguing external rotation, I was playing with this variation on a classic dynamic isometric exercise. I felt it allowed me to keep my infraspinatus loaded for an overall longer period of time with bits of rest (the row part of the exercise) .

Progression is the name of the game here. We just spoke about linear and non-linear periodization on the runners zone strength cohort I’m in and I’m wondering if anyone has a plan they like to use when rehabbing a muscle returning from a neurogenic weakness?