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Welcome to Flexible Pilates Sessions

Experience the flexibility and convenience of our varied Pilates rental options. Whether you’re looking for a quick session or an extended workout, our range of time slots caters to your unique schedule and needs.

Our Rental Options

  1. Pilates Rental 1 Hour: A fabulous option for a focused, one-hour Pilates session. Ideal for those who want a quick but effective workout.

  2. Pilates Group Session 1 Hour Rental: Enjoy Pilates with a friend or partner. This one-hour session for two clients is 1.5x the normal hourly rental cost, perfect for a shared experience.

  3. Pilates Rental 30 Mins: An additional tricky little 30-minute slot, perfect for extending your session or if you’re running over time. Note: This cannot be used for Pilates/Gym Split sessions or on its own.

  4. Pilates/Gym Split Session – 30 Min Pilates Portion: Combine the best of both worlds with a 30-minute Pilates session coupled with gym time.

  5. Extended Pilates Rentals (1.5 to 4 Hours): Choose from delicious 1.5-hour sessions up to stunning 4-hour sessions, all available back-to-back. Perfect for those who desire more time to deepen their practice.

Why Choose Our Pilates Rental?


Select from a variety of session lengths to fit your schedule.

Group Options

Share the experience in our group sessions.

Combination Sessions

Mix Pilates with gym time for a comprehensive workout.

Extended Sessions

Immerse yourself in longer sessions for a deeper Pilates experience.

Start Your Pilates Journey Today

Choose the rental option that suits you and dive into a world of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Contact us to book your Pilates session and embark on a journey that caters precisely to your fitness goals and time constraints.