The Return to Running

Writen by Dr. Paul Ochoa


I’ve always looked at protocols as just basic guidelines to follow during post operative rehab but its really the individual (and the graft, in this case) that can determine how closely to follow those protocols. This was an interesting article because it looked at several criteria used to clear patients to return to running. This by no means is law but it does give us some structure when making that decision. I’d love to hear more on what you all use as some major benchmarks before clearing your patients for their first run/walk and what criteria should have been included in this study.

Time criteria: median of 12 weeks but authors propose anywhere from 8-16 weeks

Clinical Criteria
95% of knee flexion
Full extension
Mild/no effusion

Strength and performance based criteria
Hop test
Single limb Squat
Hamstring and quadricep limb symmetry index

Bracing: not needed


Read the full article here.