Thoughts on Treating Frozen Shoulder

Writen by Dr. Paul Ochoa


So Dallas (friend/physiatrist from NYU) was telling me about his thoughts on how we need to do more holistic/functional testing with people to reach the root of their issue and it made me curious about a patient that I’m working with.

He came in with a frozen shoulder and severe restrictions. The standard is a steroid injection and mobilization but I was curious about the pathophysiology of it all and if there was something, like Dallas said, that we were missing.

This article breaks down the differences between what happens to the capsule around the IGHL and the MGHL and how even some retinoids agonist medications can be effective in treatment for issues in the IGHL.

It’s not super clinically relevant but I think it’s important we understand the specificity of this process to help educate our patients and help give them some power over their impairments.

What are some treatments/research you’ve found helpful when dealing with frozen shoulder?